Gin Brunssen Burchfield

Family Health Coach Gin Burchfield has been working in the wellness industry since 2000. Her work began with high-risk adolescents and has segued to serve all generations. Her passion is creating opportunity through Pure Life Health Coaching for individuals, families and communities to experience vibrant health and thrive. She is currently running Pure Health to serve adult populations and My Body is Science to serve preschool and elementary aged children. 

Gin became a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in 2002. She developed expertise in Medical Massage, Neuromuscular and Myofascial Therapy as well as Pregnancy Massage and Infant Massage Instruction. In 2004 she had the distinct honor of working for physician and author Deepak Chopra, where she learned Ayurvedic massage therapy, Panchakarma (detoxification) administration, and the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old life science.

Through extensive travels and study Gin has worked with Ayurvedic teachers Vaidya Sam Sasu, Vaidya Smita Naram, and is a Certified Yoga Health Coach through Cate Stillman and Yogahealer. She is a Certified 200-hour yoga instructor through Blue Lotus in Raleigh, NC and children's yoga instructor through Little Guru. Gin holds a BS degree in Human Development and Family Studies from UNC-Greensboro. 

Wolita “Wo” Belvet
NC LMBT #782

Wo’s approach to massage is integrative, intuitive and deeply healing. She takes the full person into consideration, with unconditional positive regard for her clients.  Wo’s experience and innate ability allows her to understand structural misalignments, which informs an individualized treatment approach for each client.


Wo is a 2003 graduate of the Massage and Bodywork program from Body Therapy Institute. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in various bodywork modalities including but not limited to Reflexology, Thai Massage, and Prenatal Massage Therapy.

Emily Hester
NC LMBT #15893

Emily believes that we all have the ability to unlock the best versions of ourselves, and that sometimes we just need a little assistance to get there. Her approach to massage is one that is specifically catered to each client, blending together a style that is informed, yet intuitive. 

Emily studied Therapeutic Massage at Wake Technical Community College and obtained her LMBT license in 2016. Before that she received her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from North Carolina State University. As a medical massage therapist, she focuses on alleviating specific points of ailment while also being mindful of a whole-body approach to health. Her primary fascination resides in how we posturally hold ourselves, and how modern advances in technology means that most of us suffer from "tech neck." She also believes that there exists a connection between the physical body and the subtle energy body in us all. Through personal study and observation during her sessions she strives to learn more about this connection every day in order to share growth with every client she touches. 

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