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Improve your happiness, health, and well-being 

Pure Health is a year-long online personal growth course grounded in science and Ayurveda. It is focused around the cultivation of health, happiness, and success, and offers practical tools for you to create more vitality and abundance in your life.

If you're tired of chronic pain and fatigue, if you're feeling sluggish and uninspired, if you know in your core that you are meant for more than the rut you've found yourself in, then Pure Health is the program for you. 

Using strategies from today's behavioral science, we take small steps towards big results. Pure Health members report real breakthroughs - dropping unwanted weight, improving their sleep, and aligning their lives to free up buckets of time and money. 

How it Works

Pure Health is divided into 4 quarters and 6 parts and is completed over the course of an entire year. You receive personal guidance from me and support from the group to identify and meet your goals. The most successful course members take the entire course to maximize their growth potential, but there are options to pick and choose what you need most. You can begin your journey at the start of any quarter, and I'll work with you to create the right experience based on your goals.


You will be introduced to ten lifestyle habits that will will bring about profound changes in the strength of your body, clarity of your mind, and freedom of your spirit. Pure Health is designed to assist you in:

  • Evolving your healthiest body,

  • Managing your time and work in integrity with your values, and 

  • Upleveling your personal and professional relationships.

Change is almost never easy (in fact, it can be downright scary)! That's why Pure Health has a built-in network of supportive friends working through the program with you. These are people just like you, going through changes and challenges, offering tips and strategies to ensure everyone has a success story to tell.


Check out the video below to hear from Pure Health founder, Gin Burchfield and member Haley Lynn Gray. Find out how Pure Life has transformed Haley's life in the best possible way.

How do I know if Pure Life is for me?

If you've come this far, you are probably ready to make this investment in yourself. If you're feeling anything between a "Heck yeah!" and a "Um, I think so," it's time to take the next step. 


Schedule a 30-minute conversation with me. We will talk about your goals and desires and determine if Pure Health is a good fit for you at this time. There will be no rush or hard sell. We may talk several times to make sure you have your questions answered and are really ready to grow and evolve, be part of a dynamic supportive group, and are willing to make the investment in YOU for Pure Health to work.

Here's what to do next: 

1. Click here to schedule our first (free) conversation (choose Pure Health Discovery Session under Coaching Services). 

2. Fill out this questionnaire to begin evaluating your current state of health and identifying your top goals to work on. 

Pure Life 2019

My 2019 offerings reflect a lifetime of my own growth work and applied skills, with which I have healed my Autoimmune condition, grown my career, and achieved a state of thrive with my family.


Pure Health - 10 Healthy Habits: 1/29-4/9/2019
Learn 10 amazing habits that will uplevel the health of your body and mind. As a member of a dynamic and supportive group, you will elevate your accountability and desire to grow.
Value $1200

Guided Spring Cleanse: 4/20-5/11/2019
A simple, food-based program. A chance to take a break and focus inward, and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the next season. Register now!
Value $300

Take Back Your Time: 5/14-6/18/2019
Learn and practice the fundamentals of time management, set goals, and use natural circadian rhythms to set the pattern of your workday to accomplish the most in the shortest amount of time.
Value $600

Pure Health - 10 Healthy Habits: 7/9-9/17/2019
We repeat this course on habits because it is impossible to truly acquire all 10 habits in just 12 weeks. Course participants find that their second and even third time through is where they grow the most.
Value $1200

Fall Retreat: 9/19-9/22/2019
Time away for reflection and rejuvenation is a vital part of Pure Health. Tuition is free for members (additional cost for room and board). More details on the retreat theme and location coming soon. 

Guided Fall Cleanse: 10/5-10/25/2019
The second of our bi-annual cleanses, you'll release what has accumulated over the past six months and prepare you body, mind, and spirit for the the coming season.
Value $300

Relate: 11/5-12/17/2019
A six -week course in which we will give voice to our values, learn how to craft family and team value statements, how to run an effective family meeting, and how to resolve conflict with ease.
Value $600

Your Annual Membership* in Pure Health includes:

  • All course work above

  • Membership in an inclusive group with high level accountability

  • Plus six one-on-one sessions with Gin

Value $4,200, Member Price $3,600!

*conditions apply, payment plans available. Contact Gin for details.

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